Monday, 26 May 2014

Addicted to Applique

Hi all, so recently I have ventured into the art of applique and I must say...I think I'm in love! The freedom of free motion sewing excites me yet terrifies me at the same time - even so much as blinking at the wrong moment could lead to veering off in the wrong direction, however I have managed thus far to keep control and I think with practice my technique will improve.

For some reason I took a notion to make a first aid pouch first...maybe it's because rotary cutters and I have a love hate relationship and often I'm the one left wounded. I just thought it appropriate to be prepared.
I then made a little coin pouch for my youngest sister's birthday coming up in June. I stitched a cow onto the front and then her name on the back. Fingers crossed she'll like it!

Thanks for taking a look!
-Shannon xo


  1. Oh she is totally going to love carrying that wee purse in her cow messenger bag. You are amazing conquering all these skills so quickly. I love your first aid pouch but hope you won't need it too often!

  2. So so so cute. The little ambulance makes my heart flutter :)

  3. Hi Shannon! I loooove these pouches! They are Super cute! Happy Holidays! x Teje