Saturday, 17 May 2014

Cupcakes and sewing

Pattern testing has recently become part of the job of being my mum's assistant so I had great fun testing the pattern for this sewing/storage pouch:
I'm using the pouch instead for my art supplies
I then decided to actually make a sewing pouch so here is my attempt below:
I also had a lovely afternoon at Bee Blessed today sewing together a quilt top and eating delicious cupcakes!
Cupcakes from Jbird Bakery given as a present from someone as a thank-you to Bee Blessed
Hope you had a lovely Saturday...Thanks for reading! 
-Shannon xo


  1. First your mum, now you - making me hungry!
    Love the sewing pouch x

  2. So pattern testing or cupcake testing which do you prefer?

  3. Great work and hope you ate up more than your share of the cakes

  4. I love that sewing/storage pouch. I want one for my E.P.P. Good to have you on board, if only for a short time. Am trying to get Abi to come in June.

  5. enjoy the cupcakes, they look scrummy.