Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tomar un descanso

'Tomar un descanso' means 'to take a break' in Spanish and that is exactly what I've done this afternoon. I had my spanish oral exam this morning so that means I only have one exam left (yipeee) and I decided to just take it easy this afternoon. Revision can wait until tomorrow!

After eating those delicious cupcakes at Bee Blessed on Saturday I decided to make my own...they obviously don't look as fancy but simple can be just as good in my opinion.
Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream, sprinkles and edible glitter
I have also recently made myself a bag-for-life as the price of plastic bags is extortionate these days!
(I'm just kidding of course, I didn't mind paying a couple of pence for bags but mum thought it better that I have one.) I used the pattern by Burdastyle that can be found here.
I love that I can just roll it up and pop it into my bag
Another thing that I needed was a pin-cushion so I had a wee look on pinterest and found a tutorial for one shaped like a teapot. The tutorial is by 'Join the mood' and can be found here.
Time for a cup of tea now I think! Thanks for stopping by!
-Shannon xo


  1. Loving that teapot! It's so weird seeing things for the first time on your blog! Jxo

  2. Everything here looks amazing. Do you need another cupcake tester, or are the three you have already enough? Though so, bummer!
    Great. Job on the teapot pinned. Looks complicated!