Friday, 27 June 2014

Countdown to Majorca!

Only 10 hours now until I'm off with my family to Majorca for a week! And yes, that means we leave at some hideous hour in the morning but I think it'll add to the excitement. I can't wait especially since it'll be the first time my sister's and I will have traveled abroad...I can't help but smile just thinking about getting some sun for once!
Considering the holiday is so soon you'd have thought I'd be all packed by now....well I'm case is still lying in my room with only my clothes in it haha...
I leave that down to the fact that I've been finishing one or two projects off so that I can take them away with me.
The first one is this quilted camera case...
I absolutely love this because of the fabrics and also because I made it up from scratch...I may have made about 5 prototypes (no exaggeration) but it eventually turned out right and my camera fits in it perfectly!
The detachable strap is made simply from key fobs attached to ribbon which are sewn into the ends of some folded fabric.
I was in a ditsy fabric mood when I was making this so I chose florals for the outside and the strap and little love hearts for the lining.
It hangs a little higher up on me simply because I'm a little taller than Bethany and I made it to suit my dimensions.

The next project I was working on was a case for my stone-age ipod...
As the ipod is very small the case was quite fiddly but I managed to complete it after many unpicked stitches and a few size adjustments as I went along.
I also attached a little strap thing to hold my earphones whenever they aren't in use.

My final little project to show you is just a simple drawstring bag that I'm going to use for dirty laundry when I'm away...
Even dirty laundry needs a little bit of handmade goodness!

I hope you like what I've made recently and I can't wait to blog again when I get home and maybe show you a few photos of my holiday!

Bye bye
-Shannon xo

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Birthday no.2

Today was my baby sister's 13th birthday and we had a great wee day celebrating! I am pleased to report that she loved the QAYG laptop cover and the cow coin purse that I made for her a little while back and she declared that she will be using the purse on holiday. Success!
I admit that she doesn't look entirely happy in this picture but I think that was due to the fact that it was 7.30 in the morning and also Poppy kept getting in the way...her nose managed to get in this photo.
To round of a nice day we sat down to some delicious was actually the third time I sat down to some delicious cake today :/ All my efforts of being good kind of flew out of the window but I suppose a treat every so often won't do any harm! Sugar keeps ya sweet ;)

Tomorrow I will show you what I've been up to lately...I've been making some more little things for my holiday and I really love them!

Thanks for stopping by :)
-Shannon xo

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Birthday no.1

Yesterday was mum's (JustJude's) birthday and we all had a great time celebrating! For about the past month I had been keeping her present a secret from the world and now that she has seen it I am free to blog about it....
I made her this wee birdy cushion in the colours of our living room and I'm so pleased with how it turned out!
I free motion stitched the little birdies to a linen background and added a strip of ruby to the back.
Judging by her reaction I think she liked it!

We finished the day with a lovely meal in 'Made in Belfast' with the family and of course a selfie...

Bethany's birthday is coming up tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a few pictures of her with her homemade prezzies!

Thanks for stopping by!
-Shannon xo

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New toiletry bag

So over the past few days I have been making myself a new toiletry bag to take away with me to Majorca on Saturday. I used my mum's(JustJude's) pattern for her Miss Eddy handbag/toiletry bag and I'm quite happy with how it turned out...
I didn't set out to make it look particularly just seemed to happen as I chose my fabrics and decorations...
I used genuine vintage lace to add a little something special and it turned out exactly how I had pictured in my's always nice when that happens!
I lined the inside with the same wipe-able fabric that I used for my beach bag and added some pockets to hold all my essentials. Can't wait to use it on holiday now!

Thanks for stopping by :)
-Shannon xo

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Busy Bee

I realized I haven't blogged in a little while so I do apologise for that...I blame the weather because it was unusually hot here earlier in the week and I just kind of dropped everything to enjoy the mini heatwave. I even got to go to the beach which is a rare occurrence..
I did however manage to burn the soles of my feet that day by stupidly walking across hot tarmac to get to the toilets...I now have some lovely heart shaped blisters and have to waddle around like a right eejit.

As far as sewing goes I have been working on a few projects for mum's (JustJude's) classes - christmas related so I won't show you those, and also some blocks for Bee Blessed following the tutorial for the Scrappy but Classy block by Anne Marie at Gen X quilters.

Mum (JustJude) has also been busy today scaring the life out of me! She decided to have a go at cutting the hedge in our garden and I think she had a little too much fun playing with the electric hedge trimmer...
She certainly loves her power tools! #independentwoman

-Shannon xo

Thursday, 12 June 2014

A bright few days

Over the past few days as the weather has been nice I have been more motivated to sew and be arty with lots of bright colours. To start my colourful day yesterday I painted my nails a little crazier than usual. I am never one to have un-painted nails...even when I was at school I would have sneaked around with my nails painted in soft pastel colours (which was about as rebellious as I got haha!) Now that I am free from school I just grabbed some bottles of pretty polish (and a sponge) and went for it!
I used a sponge to add contrasting colours of polish to the top of each nail
After I let my nails dry I then made some quilt-as-you-go blocks for a hot water bottle cover that mum was working on.
I love yellow and grey together and so does my mum so I think I chose well in the colour department! The finished hot water bottle cover can be seen on her IG here.

I then proceeded to make a laptop cover as another present for my sister (her birthday is coming up in a few weeks). She loves bright clashing colours and patterns so I had great fun rummaging through mum's scrap stash.

Hopefully she'll like it! I certainly do...bright colours always make me happy :)

Thanks for looking!
-Shannon xo

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Where'd the weekend go?

I really can't believe how quickly this weekend has come and gone...maybe it's because I've spent the majority of the time sewing and doing some sewing related bits and pieces for my mum. She has been away in Portstewart with some friends for the weekend so I kind of took over her sewing room for a bit...don't worry though, I managed not to make too much of a mess!

What I've been up to includes a little mixture of things...firstly I made a card for my friend using DIY fabric tapes. I overheard Sarah (from Sew Me) telling someone in one of mum's classes how to make the cute deco tape and I decided to have a go myself! 
I free motion stitched the writing
The tape is simply double sided sticky tape with fabric stuck to one of the sides - a very cute and easy DIY project. 

Next on my list was finishing another Bee Blessed quilt.
This playful quilt was made from a donated quilt top which meant that all I had to do was baste, quilt and bind. 
It was definitely good having another opportunity to practice my quilting even if it was only sewing straight lines again.

My next project was a bag that I found on Etsy and instantly fell in love with! (The pattern is by Lisa from aivilocharlotte)
I recently bought some fabric from Ikea so I was itching to use it and I thought it would work great for a beach bag.
I absolutely love the shape and size of this's one of those 'perfect-for-everything' bags as it's not too big yet still fits a lot in it. I made the XL size of this bag but you can buy a pattern for a smaller size too.
I used a simple white wipe-able fabric for the lining just because I thought it'd be easier to clean or shake out after a day at the beach.
I also made some tweaks to this pattern by attaching the lining differently, adding a clasp attachment instead of an elasticated loop, and also by making the straps wider.
This bag was great fun to make and the pattern was easy enough to follow. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make a 'perfect-for-everything' bag :) You can find the pattern here

Thanks for visiting, I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week to come!
-Shannon xo

Friday, 6 June 2014

My first quilt

I checked off making a quilt from my 'sewing bucket list' yesterday and I think it turned out reasonably ok considering it was my first attempt. I battled with it for a few hours trying to quilt it and attach the binding and eventually (after a few fixie-uppies) I was victorious.
There was a request in Bee Blessed for 2 boys' quilts, and this wonky cross quilt is the first.
To keep things simple (because often simple = easier) I quilted vertical lines then machine stitched the binding and added a little Bee Blessed label. I know some people enjoy hand stitching the binding but I just don't seem to have the patience for hand sewing unfortunately.

Even though I've only been taking part in Bee Blessed for a short time I absolutely love it! Knowing that what we're doing will eventually hopefully make some people a little happier is one of the best feelings ever! I honestly feel so lucky to be able to contribute to Bee Blessed and it just makes me smile to think that both the receivers and the givers can be blessed :)

After photographing the quilt I decided to just play about with my camera in the garden as it is looking very pretty at the moment thanks to mum's hard work.
Here are some pictures that I took:
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your weekend!
-Shannon xo

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Exams are finished!

So today I had my final A-level exam! I can't quite believe that they're over and that my time at school is officially complete...thinking about it makes me very sad as I have made some great friends at Sullivan and many wonderful memories. I am however glad to be rid of my ill-fitting uniform and horrible bus journeys at 8.00am every morning!
I was met by this lovely bundle of treats when my mum came to pick me up today after my exam...she really is so good to me! No doubt they will be gone by this time tomorrow ;)

As far as sewing goes I have been working on a few things, one of which being a wonky cross quilt for Bee Blessed which I will blog in the next few days to come.

I also whipped up an apron following a tutorial by 'stitchesinplay'. Mum and I were just trying to work out how to make one.
Modeled by my lovely sister!
I have to admit, it also makes a great dog cape!
Thanks for visiting!
-Shannon xo