Thursday, 12 June 2014

A bright few days

Over the past few days as the weather has been nice I have been more motivated to sew and be arty with lots of bright colours. To start my colourful day yesterday I painted my nails a little crazier than usual. I am never one to have un-painted nails...even when I was at school I would have sneaked around with my nails painted in soft pastel colours (which was about as rebellious as I got haha!) Now that I am free from school I just grabbed some bottles of pretty polish (and a sponge) and went for it!
I used a sponge to add contrasting colours of polish to the top of each nail
After I let my nails dry I then made some quilt-as-you-go blocks for a hot water bottle cover that mum was working on.
I love yellow and grey together and so does my mum so I think I chose well in the colour department! The finished hot water bottle cover can be seen on her IG here.

I then proceeded to make a laptop cover as another present for my sister (her birthday is coming up in a few weeks). She loves bright clashing colours and patterns so I had great fun rummaging through mum's scrap stash.

Hopefully she'll like it! I certainly do...bright colours always make me happy :)

Thanks for looking!
-Shannon xo


  1. LOL! My rebellious one (NOT!) xo

  2. Super pretty laptop cover! That's such a cool gift!

  3. Shannon those nails are amazing!!!! LOve the qayg too. Can't wait to see this Autumns classes.

  4. Love the nails and the laptop case. Very colourful!

  5. Shannon, your nails are Super! I have thought to paint each nail different but didn't yet - now have to try absolutely! Thanks for the sponge tip! x Teje