Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Birthday no.1

Yesterday was mum's (JustJude's) birthday and we all had a great time celebrating! For about the past month I had been keeping her present a secret from the world and now that she has seen it I am free to blog about it....
I made her this wee birdy cushion in the colours of our living room and I'm so pleased with how it turned out!
I free motion stitched the little birdies to a linen background and added a strip of ruby to the back.
Judging by her reaction I think she liked it!

We finished the day with a lovely meal in 'Made in Belfast' with the family and of course a selfie...

Bethany's birthday is coming up tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a few pictures of her with her homemade prezzies!

Thanks for stopping by!
-Shannon xo


  1. Look at your happy momma. And why wouldn't she be with a cushion as cute as that? Perfect gift.

  2. Oh so brilliant! You ladies are a stunning bunch, even when you pull funny faces.

  3. LOL! Love that selfie! We are a mad bunch! Jxo