Friday, 27 June 2014

Countdown to Majorca!

Only 10 hours now until I'm off with my family to Majorca for a week! And yes, that means we leave at some hideous hour in the morning but I think it'll add to the excitement. I can't wait especially since it'll be the first time my sister's and I will have traveled abroad...I can't help but smile just thinking about getting some sun for once!
Considering the holiday is so soon you'd have thought I'd be all packed by now....well I'm case is still lying in my room with only my clothes in it haha...
I leave that down to the fact that I've been finishing one or two projects off so that I can take them away with me.
The first one is this quilted camera case...
I absolutely love this because of the fabrics and also because I made it up from scratch...I may have made about 5 prototypes (no exaggeration) but it eventually turned out right and my camera fits in it perfectly!
The detachable strap is made simply from key fobs attached to ribbon which are sewn into the ends of some folded fabric.
I was in a ditsy fabric mood when I was making this so I chose florals for the outside and the strap and little love hearts for the lining.
It hangs a little higher up on me simply because I'm a little taller than Bethany and I made it to suit my dimensions.

The next project I was working on was a case for my stone-age ipod...
As the ipod is very small the case was quite fiddly but I managed to complete it after many unpicked stitches and a few size adjustments as I went along.
I also attached a little strap thing to hold my earphones whenever they aren't in use.

My final little project to show you is just a simple drawstring bag that I'm going to use for dirty laundry when I'm away...
Even dirty laundry needs a little bit of handmade goodness!

I hope you like what I've made recently and I can't wait to blog again when I get home and maybe show you a few photos of my holiday!

Bye bye
-Shannon xo


  1. Great and beautiful holiday sewings! I wish you all fantastic holidays, sand and sun! x Teje

  2. Be sure and have a fabulous time. You are the handmade holiday queen. Gorgeous ditsy fabric on the camera case. Well done for customising all your items so beautifully. Sunshine here you come!

  3. have a lovely time all you girls, plenty of sun cream so you do not get burnt, love your makes.

  4. I love the idea of the earphone holder on the iPod cover! Maybe you should sell a pattern for this? I know I'd buy it!