Sunday, 8 June 2014

Where'd the weekend go?

I really can't believe how quickly this weekend has come and gone...maybe it's because I've spent the majority of the time sewing and doing some sewing related bits and pieces for my mum. She has been away in Portstewart with some friends for the weekend so I kind of took over her sewing room for a bit...don't worry though, I managed not to make too much of a mess!

What I've been up to includes a little mixture of things...firstly I made a card for my friend using DIY fabric tapes. I overheard Sarah (from Sew Me) telling someone in one of mum's classes how to make the cute deco tape and I decided to have a go myself! 
I free motion stitched the writing
The tape is simply double sided sticky tape with fabric stuck to one of the sides - a very cute and easy DIY project. 

Next on my list was finishing another Bee Blessed quilt.
This playful quilt was made from a donated quilt top which meant that all I had to do was baste, quilt and bind. 
It was definitely good having another opportunity to practice my quilting even if it was only sewing straight lines again.

My next project was a bag that I found on Etsy and instantly fell in love with! (The pattern is by Lisa from aivilocharlotte)
I recently bought some fabric from Ikea so I was itching to use it and I thought it would work great for a beach bag.
I absolutely love the shape and size of this's one of those 'perfect-for-everything' bags as it's not too big yet still fits a lot in it. I made the XL size of this bag but you can buy a pattern for a smaller size too.
I used a simple white wipe-able fabric for the lining just because I thought it'd be easier to clean or shake out after a day at the beach.
I also made some tweaks to this pattern by attaching the lining differently, adding a clasp attachment instead of an elasticated loop, and also by making the straps wider.
This bag was great fun to make and the pattern was easy enough to follow. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make a 'perfect-for-everything' bag :) You can find the pattern here

Thanks for visiting, I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week to come!
-Shannon xo


  1. Glad you didn't leave any evidence of creative mayhem in the sewing room! So impressed with your bag! xo

  2. You busy bee. Love that bag, perfect for your hols..