Monday, 28 July 2014

EPP Update

Well I decided what to do with the English Paper Piecing pieces that I was working on! I made them into a round cushion and I absolutely love it!

This is my chuffed face
The reason why I'm so happy with it is because I made it up all by pre-planned measurements (got a few eye-rolls from mum on that one)...I literally just made it up as I went along using the techniques I had learnt from testing the pattern for mum's picnic cushions.

Both the front and back panels are made up of scrappy english paper pieced diamonds and hexies with scrappy piping around the edge to add another pop of colour.

I even managed to make my own cushion filler and add a zippered opening.

It fits in with my room perfectly and brings the cushion count in my room up to 8 now haha! One can never have too many cushions..

Well thanks for stopping by :)
-Shannon xo

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stars and Hearts

Hello there, I thought that I would try my hand at English Paper Piecing this week and I can say that I'm really enjoying it so far (surprisingly)! I'm not the biggest fan of hand sewing but I decided to give EPP a go as I'v been seeing a lot of lovely things made with this technique recently and was feeling inspired.
This is my progress so far! I knew before starting this that I wanted to use some scraps from my mum's 'scrap vomit' box...I just get so excited looking at all the colourful 2.5inch squares and picking out which ones I want to use, which is difficult because there is so much to choose from!
I'm using little diamond shapes and turning them into stars which I separate with denim hexies. I don't know what this is going to be yet but I may just keep adding to it until one day it is big enough to be made into a quilt...just for the bant haha.

I've also had a go at making shortbread this week. I know that sometimes it can be quite tricky to get right but I think that mine turned out ok-ish...
Decorating them was fun because it really did make me feel like a little kid again!
The recipe that I used can be found here.

Taking them to mum's class tonight so hopefully the ladies will like them! :)

-Shannon xo

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Home not so sunny home

Well I'm back after spending a week in the sun in Majorca and I must say, being met with rain, hail, thunder and lightning was not a nice welcome home present! 
I had the best week ever and I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to go away and spend time in an amazing place with my family...and to make sure I wouldn't forget any little detail I took hundreds of photos haha...
We stayed in the beautiful Club Pollentia Resort and everything about it was just wonderful! The food, the pool, the service, the people...everything!

This was definitely my favourite place to hang out every afternoon after exploring the local towns and sights. The water was freezing but it was certainly always welcoming in the 32 degree heat.

I loved walking around the resort in the evening and finding lots of beautiful things to photograph...

This is probably one of my favourite shots from the whole week! I think I managed to capture the little bird watching hut quite well as the sun was setting in Majorca.

Places we visited included Port de Pollensa...

Port de Pollensa beach...

Pollensa town...

Alcudia market and a little bit of the town...

The mountains, Sa Colobra and Port Soller which we visited as part of a tour...

And on our last day we went to a water park in Alcudia.

I hope you liked seeing a small portion of the photos that I took while on holiday...I'm not trying to brag about it in any way, I was just so excited to be there and I wanted to share with you some of my experiences!

I hope you are having a lovely summer :)
-Shannon xo