Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stars and Hearts

Hello there, I thought that I would try my hand at English Paper Piecing this week and I can say that I'm really enjoying it so far (surprisingly)! I'm not the biggest fan of hand sewing but I decided to give EPP a go as I'v been seeing a lot of lovely things made with this technique recently and was feeling inspired.
This is my progress so far! I knew before starting this that I wanted to use some scraps from my mum's 'scrap vomit' box...I just get so excited looking at all the colourful 2.5inch squares and picking out which ones I want to use, which is difficult because there is so much to choose from!
I'm using little diamond shapes and turning them into stars which I separate with denim hexies. I don't know what this is going to be yet but I may just keep adding to it until one day it is big enough to be made into a quilt...just for the bant haha.

I've also had a go at making shortbread this week. I know that sometimes it can be quite tricky to get right but I think that mine turned out ok-ish...
Decorating them was fun because it really did make me feel like a little kid again!
The recipe that I used can be found here.

Taking them to mum's class tonight so hopefully the ladies will like them! :)

-Shannon xo


  1. EPP is a very relaxing way of stitching love what you are doing and mixing the denim in with it and wow that shotrbread looks soooo tasty

  2. Your EPP is looking great, it will quickly turn into enough for a cushion for a tote bag. I am always impressed when people make stars wit the diamonds as I tend to stick with hexies so there are no pointy bits to get right.