Saturday, 2 August 2014

I spy Amy Butler

So after finishing the schoolhouse cushion earlier this week I decided to make a little chenille rug that I will hopefully be able to take to uni in September to decorate my dorm room.
This chenille rug consists of a few layers of fabric that are quilted, cut, bound and then put in the washing machine so that the raw edges can fluff up to give it the lovely soft feel.
I used a variety of bright colours to match my bedroom accessories and hopefully it will really brighten up my dorm room when I go to uni in september!
For the back I used a towel that I got from Ikea and for the binding I used some Amy Butler scraps.
I definitely have an obsession for Amy Butler fabrics I think...they're just sneaking their way into everything at the moment!
For example I was pattern testing again for Just Jude this week and I managed to include some Amy Butler fabric in a table runner for our lounge.
The economy star blocks were surprisingly easy and fun to make so I definitely wouldn't mind making them again. I was thinking about trying to incorporate them into a quilt one day but I don't know if that's a bit too ambitious...
I quilted this by free motion stitching a little daisy chain type pattern over the entire thing..
I still can't quite decide whether or not I like the finished piece but aw well...I had fun making it anyway.
This was a class that Just Jude ran today so hopefully she will upload the photos soon to her blog so you can have a wee peek at what everyone was up to!

Thanks for stopping by :)
-Shannon xo


  1. Looks like I'll be putting the new AB fabrics on your Christmas list then!! xo

  2. the rug has worked a treat and will be lovely for your dorm, what are you going to study at uni I wonder. Very nice table mat and I impressed with the quilting, wish I could do that

  3. Love the bright colours in these! Will totally brighten up (what is often super bland) dorm room. I suggest bringing some nice air freshened too!! Haha x

  4. Gorgeous chenille and great fabric choice! An economy star block quilt would be amazing - you could always upscale the blocks a little if you felt overwhelmed by making so many little ones.