Saturday, 30 August 2014

Lunch anyone?

Sooooo I have been pattern testing for Just Jude again and this time I've been making lunchbags! 
I actually made two (both with different features) but I really don't like the second one...I think it's because I made the same mistake two or three times from the get-go and from then on I just kind of hated it...I didn't even want to photograph has been banished to a dark corner of my room. I would give it to someone but it's not even well made...there are seams showing where there aren't supposed to be seams showing because I had to do a bit of Frankenstein type work on it...oh well...c'est la vie!
At least I have the first one that I made and I really do love it!
For the bottom half I used some fabric from my fabric sample book that I talked a little about in my zippy pouch post. I paired it with some linen and I love the little vintagey vibe that it has!
On the inside I used wipeable fabric for the lining and little poppers as the closures. And just in case you're wondering I don't actually have any dividers/pockets in the's just a piece of kitchen roll haha.

I hope you're having a nice weekend!

-Shannon xo


  1. It's lovely Shannon. I'm sure the 2nd one is not as bad as you think - good to read that you have sewing trials too!

  2. great idea and the washable fabric is spot on, wonder how easy it is to stitch though