Friday, 29 August 2014

Mount Stewart!

Well, the sun was out in full shine yesterday here in Northern Ireland so to top up our vitamin D supplies we decided to spend the afternoon at Mount Stewart...
Mount Stewart belongs to the National Trust so as with most National Trust places there is a lovely big house, with lovely big gardens, a lovely big lake and lots of general loveliness really!
They even have a mermaid!
You really get a feel for how old the place is when you see the trees...some of them are huge! 
This one just went up and up and up...I don't think I could even see the top...
Even though the weather has started to get colder here we did still manage to spot a few butterflies...
They're so pretty just like every other part of this place...
...including my mama (even though she's not really an official part of Mount Stewart!)

I will hopefully be back tomorrow with some more sewy goodness so don't forget to stop by :)
-Shannon xo


  1. Ha ha! Thankfully I'm not old enough either to be part of MS!! Gorgeous pics! xo

  2. Lots of fun, and what brilliant butterfly pics x

  3. Glad you enjoyed the day out with us! Hope to see you and the family back again soon :)