Monday, 25 August 2014

Time for a catch-up!

Hello there! It's been a while hasn't it? I've been a wee bit busy since my last blog post...well maybe not actually that busy but between getting A-level results, being ill and a few other bits and bobs I haven't really been able to blog so I'm going to try and quickly fill in the gaps now...
So to start off, yes I got my A-level results and yes I got what I needed to get into my course at Derby! Yay! As of 13th September I will officially be a uni student..scary stuff!

In other news; over the weekend it was my Grand-parents golden wedding anniversary and we had a lovely family gathering at Brownlow House in Lurgan where my grand-parents had their wedding reception 50 years ago!
The place was buzzing with relatives young and old and it was so nice just to all be in the same place at the same time!
These are all of the grand-kids! It can be mayhem when we're all together haha!

My grand-parents with my aunt, unlce and mum (Just Jude)
My nana and grandad seemed to really enjoy the evening...they're not usually big into the whole grand occasion thing but I think they just loved that everyone was together.

And of course this blog post wouldn't be complete without a selfie!

Tomorrow I think I'll do a post showing some of the things I've been making recently...a little random collection but oh well :)

Thanks for stopping by!
-Shannon xo


  1. lovely to be celebrating such an occasion. I am sure you will enjoy Derby Uni, wonder what you will be studying and if your sewing machine will be going with you along with all the other quilting things you will need to continue in your spare time mind you you might be too busy studying and must not forget the socialising very important part of student life.

  2. What a lovely family occasion...... looks really special to all meet up together xx

  3. And, how exciting that you will be coming to Derby Uni...... congratulations. I'm in Nottingham, not so far away, so if you need help in a crisis, hints on fabric shops, etc etc etc let me know xx