Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Zippy pouches

So as promised today I will show you a few of the things that I have been working on for the past week or so. They aren't very interesting...just some bog-standard zippy pouches...but I thought they were pretty and wanted to show them to you!
I started by making the elephant one. I absolutely adore the fabric and I thought it would be cute to have as a little pencil case.
I then went on to make a pouch out of some old curtain sample thing...y'know those books that you could get that had lots of big squares of sample fabric for curtains and what not? Well I have one of those and I must say it is very handy for little projects!
I like the other side a bit better because it has a big flower on it...however my iron managed to burn the top of it and it's not a pretty sight...

The next pouch I made will be for a friend...I made it to accompany a 'uni bucket' that I will hopefully be making for her soon! (A 'uni bucket' is just a fabric bucket that I will put some little goodies in as a 'good-luck-on-starting-uni' gift!)
I love this fabric from Ikea because it's so artsy and quirky..kind of like my friend haha :)
The final pouch that I made is a little bigger than the rest as I wanted to use it to store my sewing things and I needed something that would fit my scissors. I again used some fabric from my sample fabric book and I paired it with some linen and a little ribbon for decoration!
All of these pouches have boxed corners and pretty linings (of course! Linings are one of my favourite parts!)
I had actually forgotten that I had used that green fabric for the lining in the grey pouch so when I opened it today for the first time in a while I was like "Oh!" and then started smiling because it was such a nice little surprise...Is that sad? Haha :/

I hope you enjoyed my post for today, come again soon :)
-Shannon xo


  1. I'm in love with lining too! My latest bag was hot pink with white polka dots. I love it!
    Those little interior design sample books of fabrics are SUPER. You can make all kinds of gorgeous stuff with them.

  2. like you the green lining makes me mile. Some pretty and practical pouches you have made here and I am sure your friend will delighted with the bucket you make for her

  3. I always think linings are lovely when they are a surprise. Youhavemade lots of zippies - they are so useful for all sorts of things.

  4. I foresee a run on uni-pouches soon too!