Monday, 1 September 2014

Sailing Ships

Today in between other projects I decided to make a couple of Bee Blessed blocks just for funzies.
This adorable little ship block is the bee block for this term and it was actually surprisingly easy to make! If you would like to make one and donate it to Bee Blessed you can find the tutorial here.
You can pretty much make them how you please as long as the background is plain white and the sea is blue...If you want a little more info you can head to over to Just Jude's blog!

Thanks for stopping by :)
-Shannon xo


  1. I'd love to make a whole quilt in these scrappy boats! xo

  2. looks good, will have a rummage in my fabrics later toady and get one made and posted off in the next few days. I usually make 2 of the block and keep one for myself