Thursday, 4 September 2014

Too many pinwheels!

Well I think I have had my full fill of pinwheels this week to last me a lifetime! Just Jude's prairie points and pinwheels quilt class starts tonight so I've been busy trying to test the pattern for two different sizes: a cot quilt and a single bed sized quilt. I only have the quilt tops finished because they needed to be ready to display in class tonight...
Above is the cot sized quilt in boyish reds and blues.

Apologies for the bad was quite breezy outside so this was the best I could get.
As you can see this quilt is a lot bigger than the blue and red quilt. It has 30 blocks! 30 BLOCKS! The first one only had 12! I'm so flippin' glad to have finished haha...I do love the result though! The bright colours with the denim are just so me...unfortunately I don't think I can sneak another quilt away with me to uni ;(

Thanks for stopping by :)
-Shannon xo


  1. Wow!no wonder you are pinwheeled out! Both are lovely. I'm sure you could sneak that big one off to uni if you tried.

  2. Sarah obviously hasn't seen your uni trunk yet then!! Jxo

  3. love pin wheels and you have certainly done a great job here, remember usually the halls of residence have tiny rooms, yours will be full of quilts you must have room for your machine essential! and of course study books

  4. I read your title and thought...could there ever be too many pinwheels? Ymmm..yeah. These quilts are absolutely beautiful! Love the second one esp.